A Solution as Unique as You

what makes us different

Holistic Coaching

It all begins with you. Every program is highly personalized and designed to meet your unique needs. Coaching models range from 1:1 programs with a specialized executive coach to a curated multi-disciplinary coaching team of world-class C-suite executive coaches and leading health and human performance experts. Your dedicated coaching team could include any combination of the following:

Programs range from short-term immersion training to longer term whole person, whole life coaching programs that train and engage key stakeholders in all areas of life to specially designed programs for CEOs.

Proprietary Assessments

Evolve offers proprietary assessments that measure critical components of leadership performance not included in traditional executive assessments, including health and wellbeing, personal purpose, energy management, mental and emotional resilience, values and character strength, and executive judgement.

Our evaluations include 360 stakeholder interviews with people in all areas of your life to provide a comprehensive understanding of who you are, how you are showing up, and the impact you are having on those around you.

Evolving Leadership Teams

While Evolve starts with the most senior executives of an organization, real results come to fruition when the entire leadership is challenged to think and act differently, modeling consistent behavior to the workforce.

That’s why we go beyond individual C-suite coaching and offer a range of commitment and accountability challenges combined with individual and group coaching to drive more agile, resilient, and higher-performing teams. Current challenge sessions include:

Living Leadership Laboratory

As part of our commitment to stay on the cutting edge of leadership and human performance, we continually partner and conduct research with external organizations to gain insights, test new concepts, and influence our ever-evolving program design and coaching methodology. Our clients will have the opportunity to participate in these research opportunities if desired.

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